"If you have too much to do, with God's help you will find time to do it all." St. Peter Canisius

Monday, March 31, 2008


Stay Tuned...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Selebration Saturday

Today we had a birthday party of my oldest... We made homemade cheese burgers, chicken nuggets and french fries... Next we made up his birthday bowl of ice cream... We sang Happy Birthday and he blew out the candles... He opened his presents... Enjoy the photos!!!
Kitchen All Decorated For The Party:
Eating Birthday Party Meal:
Blowing Out Candles:Open First Present:Remoteless Control Battery Powered Truck:
Bambi on DVD:
Watching Bambi eating his favorite snack:Addition To Train Set:
Train Set All Set Up:

Friday, March 28, 2008

Full Day Friday

I had a long and busy day... It was up an hour earlier then usual to ready all 5.5 of us to head to another psych appointment for our oldest... We talked about a lot of things and made some adjustments... We will see how that works out and see if we can avoid certain events from taking place... I dropped my oldest off and came home to rest... I wrapped my one eBay sale and another package for the PO... I planned out my errands for the afternoon... Peanut would have ST while I was gone... My husband said she did well today... I stopped at the bank and grocery store before I headed to see my oldest to celebrate his birthday with his friends at snack time... He had a meltdown during music time and snack time was delayed... He finally calmed down and we sang Happy Birthday then ate cake... After snack he did his milk room job... I signed the papers for the school to make the psych's recommended adjustments... We headed out to run our errands... I stopped at the house to drop off the left over cake off with the little ones and check to make sure there wasn't any last minute additions to my errands... My husband remarked we needed sodas and bread while I was out... So, my oldest and I headed downtown first to the library to return stuff due today... We had to wait for a long freight train... It was the highlight of the afternoon for my oldest... Next it was to the pharmacy... We went up to see 'the babies'... There were 3 girls today... We walked down to the 'big tree'... We made a quick stop at the bathroom and then picked up the RX... Next it was to the PO to mail the packages... We headed to Walmart... We picked up new sheets for his bed... He picked CARS as his theme... We also picked up Bread, Cokes, Diapers, Wipes and Printer Ink... I looked at Quilt Pens but didn't see what I wanted... We headed back home and I helped my husband finish up what he was doing so he could head out to do what he needed while we napped... We woke up from nap and head to McDonald's... My oldest had requested that as something he wanted for his birthday... Everyone had a great time... All that playing in the play land really wore him out... He went to bed immediately after we came home... We gave the two little ones a bath and watched some TV... Here is a picture of everyone setting up their food to eat:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Last Thursday of March

Where has the month gone... Less then 9 weeks left till we meet our new little guy... We went to EI playgroup... Amazing how much more active my children are from other children... They had a great time... They had an egg hunt for snack time... They found eggs with fruit loops in them... Kool-Aid to drink... Not the healthiest snack... I might offer to bring snack one week or at least bring in the children's cups from the van so they can have water to drink... Scheduled a developemental screening for Monkey... We will see how he scores this time... He was last screened when he was 4ish and didn't qualify... I had a meeting with my doula and my friend, Karla... We are talking about bringing my previous doula on board... It will all depend on her schedule... So, I may have 3 wonderful women supporting me this time... I'm going to be spoiled... LOL!!! We talked about what I might like to try during labor and who will pick me up and bring me to the hospital since my husband will be staying home with the children... My oldest didn't have ST today... Our ST's children didn't have childcare... Her children are out all week for spring break... My oldest had another good day and earned another train... Otherwise it was pretty uneventful day... I have to be up early in the morning and going to call it a night... Relax on the new couch and watch the This Old House Hour I recorded earlier...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Week 31 Wednesday

Another week closer to birth... So, funny I had a dream I gave birth in our living room on our new couch... I finished Ina May's Guide to Childbirth... I'm now reading Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May... I'm learning a lot but it's slow going... We have really been enjoying our new couch... After talking to several people it seems that in order to turn our oldest around and fix things we may have to take a step I really never wanted... It breaks my heart to have to do this... It seems this is the route we have to go though... It really bothers me... However things can't continue the way they are... So, I'm praying for God's strength and grace to make it through when this avoidable choice takes place... I'm going to change subjects now... Peanut is making progress by leaps and bounds in speech... She has almost mastered her beginning N and M sounds... She is still dropping letters off the end of the words so we are starting to focus on that along with other things... We have spent a lot of talk lately with Monkey about being a Kindergartner in the Fall... He has almost mastered the Letter A... We started working on B today... Both children with strep are now done with their antibiotics so that is exciting... I guess that is about all for today... I didn't go any where or do anything except drop off and pick up my oldest... Tomorrow is my busy day for the week... My oldest had his reward of Pizza Hut today... He told me he had Cheese Pizza... He earned train #1 of 5 for his next reward... Wonder what he will decide next...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Twisty Tuesday

Today was a twisty day as I wasn't sure if it was going to be good or bad... Our oldest behavior is going down hill and reverted to previous inappropriate behaviors we thoughts were gone... The worse part is a program that would help us we may not be able to enroll in because right now he could be considered 'unstable'... They won't enroll us unless he is stable... ::sigh:: So, that is frustrating... He did have a good day at his program and earned his 5th train needed to go on the Pizza Field Trip... So, at least they weren't calling me... Now I dread when the phone or doorbell rings because it has been more BAD news then good lately... ::frown:: On the bright side FMCHE had a field trip today to the Air Museum... That was lots of fun... My husband who had the day off was even able to attend... We saved $8 by going with the group today instead of going later just ourselves... That is almost 1/2 of the admissions costs... They have lots of neat things there... We had two Air National Guard Chaplains who were there on other business take the time to speak to us... Plus, a man who flew both for the Military and Civilian Mass Transportation Aircraft (Northwest)... He had lots of great information specifically about the air craft housed in this particular museum where the Air National Guard told us more about their roles specifically as Chaplains and that of the Guard for the country and the area... So, we spent a good part of our morning exercising our brains... ::grin:: We came home and made a huge breakfast because we snacked before leaving... Just as we were finishing up our meal the furniture people came... They gave us a THREE hour window... They showed up a minute if that much after the first part of the window... So, we moved the recliners and did a quick vac... It took some lifting but it came in relatively easily... Thank you God for HIGH ceilings or it would never had made it in without taking the stair railing off... We spent the rest of the day figuring out the best configuration... Nothing more exciting happened... Naps, Easter Dinner Take 3, Baths, etc... Enjoy the photos of our new couch...
Our EMPTY living room... Our room went from HUGE....

To how are we going to fit all this furniture in here! Doesn't that couch look great?

Here we all are posing on the couch thanks to time delayed feature on the camera...

Here is Peanut enjoying a popcorn snack while watching Baby Signing Time...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Monday

Easter was BUSY yesterday... Here are each of the children with their Easter Baskets...
After baskets was Easter Day Mass and then cook, cook and cook... We had just the 5.5 of us for dinner... I cooked a 10.4 Ham, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Green Bean Casserole (doubled recipe), Creamed Corn, Whole Curnal Corn, Squash, Peas/Carrots Mix, Sweet Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce and Homemade Yeast Rolls... Not to mention the 6 desserts I made yesterday!
Doesn't everything look delicious!?!?
We had to expand the table with TWO leaves this time... LOL!! We ate, ate and ATE! Everything was FANTASTIC...We managed to fit all the left overs in our new fridge without to much effort... We worried about hat since we had to buy a fridge smaller then what we already had due to space restrictions...
We removed the 'tv cabinet' we had in the library... You could put your TV in it and it had holes for the knobs to fit through... So, one of the first 'Entertainment Centers'... Doesn't it look different now... The room 'appears' bigger!
After: We (well mostly my husband doing the work and me watching... Considering my condition... LOL!!) also cleared up the twin/couch from the living room... The mattress is now in our oldest son's room... We moved Peanut's dresser into the computer room... Our living room looks so empty!
Before (really old, but best I could find): After (you can see we couldn't stain but so far because of furniture):Our new couch is scheduled for delivery... Woo hoo!!! So, I will be sharing a PIC of it in our living room REAL soon... I headed downtown to the pharmacy... I dropped a RX off there and forgot to go back and pick it up... Now we are out... Opps... Good thing we had one last pill for today... I also returned a couple things at the library that our due soon but we are done with early... I stopped at the PO Drop Box... EI came and we filled out some paperwork and Peanut will start her sessions next week... My oldest had another rough ST session... ST informed me that she nor anyone else from the company would be able to come if he continues with his current behaviors... I understand what she is talking about... It really upsets her personally because she knows from a provider stand point they can't have her injuired on the job when it could have been prevented... She however also understand from the point of having also having a child with Autism and how important the services you receive are to helping your child... So, it is upsetting... We have till the end of April and then she will only come and see Peanut... She is going to talk to some people see if she can help in A. speeding up the process or B. lighting fires under people to find the help we need... We are almost down to nothing... It will be just me alone with him every day trying to help him and protect myself as well as the other children from him when he has an episode... ::sigh::

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holy Saturday

Today was a VERY busy day... When my husband woke up I headed out to run the errands I need to... I first stopped at the bank before heading downtown... I had a library book on hold I needed to pick up before they re-shelved it... It is called "Spiritual Midwifery" by Ina May Gaskin... I'm really enjoying and learning so much from her "Guide to Childbirth"... I am almost done with it... I have lots of great information to share with my doula and friend, Karla, who will be at this birth... I'm feeling very excited that this will be the best birth yet! I then headed west to Walmart... I picked up about 10 or so items needed to prepare for Easter Dinner... Next I went to TRU to use a couple coupons... I picked up my oldest son's Easter Basket Train (already had the other two children's trains)... I also picked up a huge thing of Alphabet Blocks for next to nothing... Next I headed to the grocery store for things Walmart didn't have... I only picked up 5 things there... Including our 10.04 lb ham for Easter Dinner... I also had to pick up baking milk (as I like to call it) because Walmart was sold out! I picked up the last of the Easter Candy we needed... Reece's Peanut Butter Eggs... My FAVORITE! Back home I went to rest and unload... I was gone about an hour... I came home and my husband headed out to do things he wanted... I spent the time he was out making 2 Pumpkin Pies, Oreo Cookie Pie, 2 Apple Crisps, and a Cheesecake... I also had a little bit of a nap... We had lots of snack type foods for dinner... We watched the first episode of the Sixth Season Part II of the Sopranos... We made up the Easter Basket and went to bed...

Good Friday

Today we woke up to an amazing site considering yesterday was supposed to be the first day of Spring! We woke up to SNOW, SNOW and more SNOW! I did a tiny bit of shoveling so the mail man could reach the box... Otherwise I didn't go any where or leave the house except to take PICS and play in the snow with the children... Enjoy the photos...
At 11 AM we were up to 6-1/2" and the snow was still steadily falling:
Here is the Front Yard:Path the snow blower made:Here is the lumpy played in Back Yard:I don't think anyone will be swinging today:
Children Building A Snow House
Filling the Box:
Carrying the Box to the proper location:We are sooo proud of our work:Our neighbors' grandchildren shoveling in short sleeve shirts... LOL!!! Only in ND!:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy Thursday

The day started out well... I ran to the store for milk and things... It was relatively quiet... Peanut had ST today because tomorrow is Good Friday... It was a beautiful 1st Day of Spring... all the snow has nearly melted... I'm thinking about how I will be able to plant my garden soon... Once it warms up a bit we have to repair the fence around the garden and then I can plant... How exciting!!! I can't think what else happened at the moment...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Week 30 Wednesday

I had a meeting this morning about my oldest... It wasn't what I expected... I just filled out some paper work and now it will be prepared, submitted and then we wait for approval for the new program to start... I was thinking today was giving us the information and how to best use the program... I went to the library to pick up some books I had on hold... Just a little Third Trimester Reading... Ina May's Guide To Childbirth, A Wise Birth by Penny Armstrong and Babies, Breastfeeding and Bonding also by Ina May Gaskin... Both my friend, Karla (mom to 7), who is attending my birth and my doula thought we were meeting tomorrow... I'm like nope next week... I received a phone call today that our couch is in... Now that is exciting... We need to pay it off (only paid a down payment to order) and then we can schedule delivery... So, I will be having a new couch very soon! My oldest had a terrific day today despite his rough beginning to the week... He is one train away from a visit to Pizza Hut... Yum! I also learned the program I enrolled Monkey was approved... That starts next month... Excited about that... I'm feeling pretty good... Having a bit of heartburn but otherwise doing well as my belly continues to go with this special blessing... I'm becoming both anxious and excited for the impending birth of less then 10 weeks... I did some surfing about PA this morning... Monkey's Thomas Night Light came today... Talk about fast shipping!!! WOW! All in all it was a pretty good day...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

R & R Tuesday

I'm sooo glad it is Tuesday... It is my quiet day this week... I took Monkey back to the doctor today for his K vaccinations... Now, he is all up to date... Just received our e-bill for power... It DROPPED 3.5 times what it was last month... Isn't that amazing? My husband won't believe it when he sees it... The weather has been mild and our new thermostat is doing it's job... Our other one was running our heat/air unnessarily... My oldest had a rough start today but at least I wasn't called again to pick him up to bring him home again... I plan on taking this day to rest and relax... Boy do I need it!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Chicken Casserole (Doubled Recipe)

Here is my family favorite...

2-3 lbs of boneless skinless chicken, cooked and diced/cubed
2 sticks Butter, melted
2 Cans Cream of Chicken Soup
2 Cans Cream of Mushroom Soup
2 Bags of Crushed Herb Seasoned Stuffing

Preheat oven to 350 degrees... I don't have a bowl big enough to mix this so I use my stock pot... First I add to the pot both bags of stuffing... Next I mix in the butter using a wooden spoon... I take a large microwaveable bowl (4-6 Qt) and empty 2 cans of soup in and 2 cans of water (doesn't matter which two cans you do first)...I microwave 1 minute whisk until smooth, and microwave 1 minute... I add this to the stuffing... Mixing again with the wooden spoon... I then open the other 2 cans of soup and repeat... Mix that in with the stuffing... It should be very moist but not soupy... Next I mix in the chicken... I transfer it to my largest baking dish (15 x 20)... Bake for 30 minutes or until center is hot... Serve it your favorite veggies and fresh baked bread... Also delicious with turkey...

Can I take much more? Monday

Sunday didn't go so well... Peanut had a fever during the night... So, I gave her some medicine hoping she would get at least a little bit of sleep... I officially took her temp under her arm at 9 in the morning and it was 101.5... I gave her some more medicine and we stayed home from Mass... She napped on and off a bit but never fell completely asleep... We had a bit of lunch, gave her a bath to see if it would help cool her off... Time for more medicine and I gave her another temp check under the arm and it was 101.1... At least it went down a tiny bit... We finished watching Barbie Princess and the Pauper then took our regularly scheduled nap... She slept restlessly... She woke up hotter then ever and due for another dose of medicine... I gave her yet another dose and took her temp again under the arm... It was 102.1... I said enough is enough we are going to the doctor... It was now into the evening and every where was closed but the ER... We arrived and checked in at the first desk... We then waited 45 minutes to an hour to be seen by triage... We waited another 1/2 hour for a room to become available... Another 15 minutes went by after the nurse finished her questions before the doctor arrived... Peanut has strep... Doctor leaves and nurse comes back in 5 minutes with discharge paper work and a RX for antibiotics... We go up stairs to the only open pharmacy and wait 10 minutes for the people in front of us... We then waited another 15 minutes for ours to be filled... We headed home... I gave Peanut her dose of antibiotic and another dose of fever reducer and put her to bed... I also gave Monkey his evening dose of antibiotic (he will be done on Thursday) so he could go to bed as well... It was off to Walmart way out west... I picked up stain remover... I used the last of it washing tons of laundry while being nurse to Peanut... I picked up more fever reducer because between Monkey and Peanut we were almost out again... I didn't want to run out and have to head out in the middle of the night... I picked up an ear thermometer... The under the arm temp taking was stressful for both Monkey and Peanut... They just aren't old enough to use it in the mouth like my husband and I... :ast was a box of our favorite butter that only Walmart carries... Next I headed way south to the grocery store... I picked up chicken, stuffing, and soups for casserole I made today... I also picked up Milk and OJ... I've been craving it ever since Hardee's was out on Thursday morning when I ran through the drive thru with my oldest after his psych appointment... Back home I headed to eat some dinner and some much needed sleep... So, besides the 2nd case of strep and the last night shopping the weekend had gone surprisingly well... So, my oldest and I loaded up to drop him off... I arrive home take off my coat and go to sit for a minute before having some breakfast and the phone rings... I'm thinking can't I sit one minute? It was his program... He was out of hand... Physically agressive and destroying property... He hadn't made more then 2 feet from where I had dropped him off... His teacher was there, para, principal and maintance man... So, out I went to pick him up... He came home and has spent the day in his room... He was not happy about it but hopefully that will shop him that if he misbehaves it doesn't mean a free ticket home to play... He said he will be better tomorrow and doesn't want to spend another day in his room alone... I called his case manager to discuss the morning events... He agrees the program we are setting up on Wednesday will be very valueable in this sort of situation... We will see how the rest of the day goes...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Seventy - Five and MUD Saturday

Only 75 or less days to go... Let's see if I can find anything exciting for today... Yesterday I forgot to write about that my Avon order arrived... So, we are all stocked up on our usual... I wanted someone close to me and I think the gal I found is like 2 blocks away... How cool is that? I can't wait to use the new Strawberry and Guava shower gel... It smells sooo good... I couldn't pass it up at $0.99! This morning I ran to the hardware store... Turns out there were 4 washers and 4 bolts missing to the toddler bed... So, I took one of the washers as guide for width and then guessed on length needed... I guessed perfectly and now we have a nice solid toddler bed... Luckily it took standard hardware because I haven't been able to find it online any where... It was a Christmas Present in December 2002... I order Monkey a Thomas Night Light (had online gift card code)... No where in town sells them... We had a el cheapo generic one but it didn't last and was very BRIGHT for his small room... I did a test run to my oldest son's program... They had to change where I pick him up because of an incident on Thursday afternoon... Now I pick him up and drop him off at the same door when driving... I'm reimbursed for mileage by the district so I need to know how far I drive... Well, today I had to deal with something I tried to avoid... Everything when things melt we eventually enter MUD season... That is when the snow melts instead and the snow hasn't grown and makes muddy spots in our yard... I purchased the children's MUD books (rain/farm boots) early so I would be prepared and they cost 1/2 the price because I wasn't at the mercy of the retail industry.. I had to buy them last where they were still available not who had the best price... It is not fun cleaning chunks of mud off intricate character designs and out of Velcro closures on snow boots... Well, I sent the children out thinking oh the mud probably isn't out yet but will be here soon glad I have those boots... Well, 2 of the 3 came in caked with mud... They then proceeded to track mud all over the back entry, bathroom, kitchen and part of the carpeted areas of downstairs before I caught them and rounded them up back into the bathroom to be washed up... So, there I was very unhappy mopping up mud and scrubbing boots AGAIN! We took out our new MUD boots that had been stored in the closet till it we could use them... I had the children pose for a picture after all the mud had been cleaned up... Aren't they adorable? Notice the dinosaur in the lower right corner... My 5 yr old insisted he had to be in the photo even though he had no new boots to show... ::wink::

Last year I thought it would be cute or whatever if they were all different designs... This year everyone has standard issued what I like to call Farm Boots... Pull on solid black with orangish bottoms... No need to worry if the child is boy or girl... I just find the pair that fits them... Means less boots to buy... They are going to be caked in mud so design/color really isn't a concern... I'm thinking of picking up a pair for myself for when we go on walks and encounter puddles... I always end up with wet feet since my children all have boots... Just never thought I would need boots because I purposely AVOID the puddles... Now I can stomp right through them all of us together... ::grin::

Friday, March 14, 2008

Full Friday

This morning was a quiet morning... We headed out this afternoon to run errands... I went to Valvoline to have the front light fixed... Turned out a wire was loose so they connected it better and tightened it so it wouldn't fall out again... One of the rear tail lights was burned out so they did replace that... They only charged us for the rear tail light... Since we are regular customers and they know us so well they gave us a free car wash... So, the van is super clean... We came home so Peanut could have ST... My husband went out in his car to pick up his check and deposit it... He filled up his car with gas... He also stopped at Valvoline for a check... It was steamy like it was overheating but it wasn't... One of the hoses was loose so they fixed that free of charge... He came home and filled my van up with gas... I went and picked up my oldest... We then all headed out together in the van... We stopped at the downtown $1 that is going out of business... My husband then ran in quick to the PO to mail a couple packages... We made a stop at the library before heading to the pharmacy... My oldest and I went in... We had a RX refilled... We also looked for a medicine bottle adapter for Monkey's antibiotic... The hospital only has one size of syringe adapter and it fits standard bottles like liquid fever reducer and cold medicine... Not the FAT antibiotic bottle... We went to see 'the babies' (nursery)... There was no babies today... We walked to see the 'big tree' next... That is at the entrance of the children's hospital... We went back down stairs to the elevator and headed across town to the grocery store... We picked up olive oil, bananas, chocolate with chocolate chip cookies, milk, cheese and juice... We went home... We dug out the toddler bed for Monkey to start sleeping in... Took us a while to find the hardware but we did... I headed out to Walmart to find that adapter... I did... The official name is Dosage Korc (cork)... I also stopped at Target to spend some of Monkey's birthday money to buy him Thomas the Tank Engine toddler bed sheet set (fitted, flat, pillow case and comforter)... While I was gone my husband scrubbed the toddler bed parts that were in the loft of our garage... We tidy up the room and I dissembled the crib... We had a delicious dinner... I made onion and tomato quesadillas with salsa to start with while we waited for other things to cook... We made a Garlic Bread Cheese Pizza for the children... My husband and I had Shrimp Alfredo and steamed Green Beans w/ butter sauce... I put the toddler bed together and made it up with the new sheets... Isn't it nice?
Now I'm going to go take a nice soak in the tub and head to bed early... Night...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

29 Weeks and Single Parenthood

Only 11 more weeks to go... Time seems to be flying by yet May still seems so far away... My oldest had an EARLY psychiatry appointment... It went very well... We talked about all the things that are happening here and did some mild medicine adjustments to see if we can improve the afternoons a bit... However while I was away from home certain events occurred that proved that I'm going to have to live like I'm a single parent... ::sigh:: So, hopefully it won't be too awful and we will see it through without too much turmoil... The last thing I need is more stress and worries... Monkey still has a fever from the strep so hopefully that will end soon... I picked him up some more fever reducer because we were out after I gave him a dose late last night... The weather is gorgeous... FORTY! Can you believe it? My oldest remarked while riding in the van this morning "New Spring Grass" (from Bambi)... I thought that was adorable... ::grin:: My friend Michelle has been talking about 'Spring Cleaning' on her blog and I was bit by the bug this morning... I cleaned out a few junky areas and threw out broken crayons and misc papers that aren't necessary to keep... It was a good feeling to see everything all tidy and neat... Thanks for the inspiration! I stopped at the store for Salsa and Bananas... I need to eat up the rest of the taco left overs before Meatless Friday arrives... I just did some calculations for on respite services that I mentioned are being discontinued and new services signed up else where... The new place we are moving to looks very promising... However the place we left... 1/2 the month will be over and we will have received 10 hours of service... Based on our risk need accessed by the county... We are to receive 40 hours per month... If we did decide to suffer it out and finish the month we would MAYBE get another three to six and half hours... At the most we could have ended the month with a whopping 16.5 hours out of 40!!! What about the other 23.5 hours you say... Well, they were "short staffed due to___" I'll let you fill in the blank the because the excuses are far to many to list... Also, the other reply "we are training/hiring"... This one I hear often... How come I haven't met any of these newly hired but need to be trained people since ummm I don't know October? Which was the last time we had someone new! If it takes you 4-6 months to fill a position then something is serious wrong!!! The more I think about it the madder I get and more appalling it all is... I can't believe we let ourselves be treated this way for so long and actually had them making us believe it was our son's fault or some how our fault! ::shakes head:: My oldest had a rough afternoon when I picked him up... He had a so-so ST session... After that he seemed to calm down... He napped well and ate a good dinner... The evening was very quiet and relaxing... Which was much appreciated considering how the day started...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where To Go From Here Wednesday?

I had to think about where to go from here today... Considering all the things that have happened here I had to do a lot of thinking about things... It is wonderful that I have lots of wise friends online and IRL to talk it out with... So, I was able to go to sleep calm and with a clear mind... I took action today to change the circumstances in my life... I wasn't going to sit around and play the poor pity me card when I can be proactive and do something... Peanut had a great day in ST and my oldest had yet another rough session in OT... We tried some new techniques for behavior so we will see what his reaction will be next week... We terminated our Respite Service with our current company today... This last weekend was appalling and pretty much the straw that broke the camels back... Everything has just gone down hill and we just couldn't put up with it any more... We are currently working to sign up with one of the other 2 companies in the area... There are only 3 in the area that provide this service... When they provide more stress then they relieve then that have to go... My husband remarked several times it was like ANTI-respite... We had a few really good staff (probably could count them on one hand) and other staff (would need a calculator) that was horrid... So, we will see what the coming weeks hold for us... There will be lots of praying... Now we have to wait and see what path God leads us down... Financially I'm doing awesome since the Tax Refund has arrived... I couldn't be more pleased... It is was like a fresh start... I'm going to call it a night because I have to be up super early to take one of the children to a doctors appointment... Night all...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I had my 28 week check up... Everything looks great... I'm measuring 28-1/2 weeks and I will be 29 weeks on Thursday... Otherwise I had an upsetting morning and don't feel much like writing... On top of it all Monkey has strep... Oh Joy!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Where To Begin Melting Monday

Yesterday was a good day... It was Monkey's Birthday... We went to Mass, had McDonald's Birthday Lunch (his pick), went to the library, Kmart, and grocery store... We had a Birthday Pizza Dinner with Cheese Sticks... He loved his ice cream cake from DQ... He opened all his presents and cards... For presents he received a plastic track set with train shed the included in Thomas... Gordon and Henry for the plastic track... He also recieved the Train Wash that goes with the plastic track set... He recieved Bill and Ben for the travel/take along and play set... Battery Powered Thomas for the wood track set... He has a new Thomas Bowl, Plate and Spoon/Fork Set... I will share PICS after I download them from the camera...

Today was a quiet and tiring day... 80 Days Left To Go... None of us are adjusting well to the time change... We overslept 20 minutes... That is a lot in our house... LOL... I didn't go any where except to drop off and pick up my oldest... On the way home from picking up my oldest I ran to the bank to cash a check and drop something off at a friend's house... It was ALMOST nice enough to walk... How exciting is that... Just a little peek at spring... Everything is starting to melt just a bit... It is still above freezing at 1/2 past 8 at night... I received a new quilting book today in the mail called 40 Bright and Bold Paper Pieced Stars... I also received more foundation paper and a 12" add a quarter ruler for those really long pieces that need to be trimmed... My 6" add a quarter wasn't working so well any more... My oldest had a rough start to ST but settled down and worked well today... He had an off weekend... Not sure if the time change is related... We could really use some prayers relating to him... I'm signing off to rest up for a very busy morning/day tomorrow...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Shopping Saturday

Today was a long and busy afternoon/evening of shopping... We worked around the house this morning... I stopped at the bank before they closed to deposit money, withdrawal money and cash checks... We then headed out at 2 to run our errands... We headed to MN to the Library Book Sale... I found 3 great books... Didn't really have much of a selection in the subject I was looking to expand my own collection... Next we went to the downtown library... Dropped a couple envelopes off in the PO Drop Box... We dropped Monkey off in Drop Off Child Care Place that charges by the hour... We had some last minute shopping for his birthday to do... We went to a local furniture place while there was just us and Peanut... We found this awesome couch but wanted to think about it and make sure it was the one we wanted... We headed home to pick up our oldest... It was now 5 PM... We dropped off Book Sale Books, Library Stuff to make room for shopping and picked up some items we were going to return... We headed to K-Mart to return an item... Next we went back to the couch place to measure it and ask a few more questions... Despite the fact we have to wait 3 weeks for it to come in (they usually estimate longer then it takes, we've bought several things from this particular place)... We placed a deposit on it and now it's on it's way and should be here soon... Here is the Couch we bought... It is a 'green' shade... We think it will go nicely in our living room and when you sit down you never want to get up again... LOL... So you have had a fair warning when you visit to beware the couch you never want to leave again... Next we went to the $1 store and bought our usual items... I picked up an adorable Easter Towel for the kitchen... We also picked up "Birthday" supplies... It was off to Toys R Us to pick up the last of the birthday gifts... We even picked up 2 of the children's Easter Gifts... We place one small toy in their Easter basket... Next we went to Target and returned an item and did a ton of shopping... Picked up another pack of diapers for our little blessing... So, we are building a small stock... It is the only thing we need really is diapers... We have the perfect stroller now Thanks to a good friend and I pick up the car seat next month... I mean what else does a baby need? The next thing we buy besides lots and lots of diapers is a highchair... That won't be till late Fall... We picked up Monkey from child care and headed to the grocery store... I ran in quick alone and picked up things for Tacos... We made it home just after 8 PM... I made Tacos with all the fixings for dinner... We also had French Fries, Fried Periogies (husband thing), Mozzerella Sticks, and Mini Taco Rolls (frozen kind)... It was delicious and we were all stuffed... We cleaned up the kitchen and did a couple loads of Laundry... The children disappeared one by one up to bed starting with Monkey, followed by our oldest and lastly Peanut fell asleep on her recliner and my husband carried her up to bed when I went to sleep... It was a great day!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Lenten Friday and CCM Induction Ceremony

I had a long and tiring day... I woke and dropped my oldest off... I then put my coffee cake in the oven in hopes it would finish in the time for me to leave in 40 minutes... Well, it finished in time... Just BARELY! Then I realized I hadn't cubed the cheese for the children's snack... So, I'm chopping cheese, helping the 2 littles ones with dressing, packing all the things I needed for CCM... Well, needless to say I didn't leave till 15 minutes after when I needed to leave... I stopped at my appointment which luckily they were having a slow day so I didn't have to reschedule... I finished that up... Peanut had her monthly weight in... She is almost into the 50% for both height and weight... She still hasn't reached 30 lbs yet at 32 months old... She is however almost 36" tall!!! Woo hoo!!! Next we went to CCM... After I brought my zillion of things in I was able to settle down and relax a minute... The children loved the snack... I didn't bring home but a tiny bit... Up stairs the ladies love the still warm coffee cake... They also loved the Lenten/Easter Activities I printed off to share with everyone one which included Stations of the Cross in a Box, Resurrection Rolls, Easter Cookies, Jelly Bean Prayer/What the colors of Jelly Beans mean for Easter... I had planned on going to noon mass with everyone else but it took us (me and the 2 littles ones) quite a bit of time... By the time I had everyone dressed well we had missed 15 minutes of mass... We drove to the Hardee's to pick up a snack and snacked while circling the block to find a door closer to the Cathedral (SE Corner)... Our CCM meeting are in the Parish Center (NW Corner)... It was another bitterly cold day so walking around the block was NOT an option... I did finally find a spot and dropped the little ones off in the social hall and went up stairs for the Induction Ceremony... I made it upstairs just as they were finishing communion... I found a seat near my friend Jen... Mass ended and we prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet... We all moved up front and waited for the Fr. W to return... I brought my camera so I could share PICS of our induction...
Fr. W laying out the medal we would receive for the induction:
Fr. W leading the ceremony:Fr. W blessing the medal:Fr. W blessing us with Holy Water: Fr. W giving me my medal (I had to repeat after receiving the medal "Mary, help me to be a better wife and mother"):

All 4 of us after the induction with Fr. W: (left to right, Jen S., Me, Fr. W, Lisa G., and Bernadette L.)
I am now a lifetime member even after my death... I and all my children will be remember at all CCM Masses around the world and every time a group of CCM women come together and pray our special prayers that we start every official meeting with I and all my children will be remembered then too... You may ask what is CCM... Here is a brief description:
Confraternity of Christian Mothers (CCM)
CCM was founded in France in 1850. The group was started because there was a need to unite and pray with other mothers, to discuss their problems, and to advise one another regarding the Christian rearing of their children. They knew that their new found group would not gain success without the blessings of spiritual direction. So, they petitioned their priest to oversee the group. Once the priests showed interest, the groups spread rapidly. Now there are 6 Archconfraternities in the world. It was in 1881 that the Capuchin Fathers and Brothers started an Archconfraternaty in Pittsburgh, PA. The CCM's spread from there since then. You may ask, Why is there still a need today for such an old organization? The answer is returned with a question. Is there not a need to bond with other mothers and discuss needs and ideas to raise a Christian family in this day and age? Of course there is. Now maybe more than ever. There are several organizations that young mothers can belong to, however, there are no other ones that have as their primary goal the "training and sanctifying" of their children. The CCM members pray for each other and their children. They discuss issues relevant to current times. Rather than being an organization that focuses on self-fulfillment, CCM reaffirms women in their roles as wives and mothers.

I had to cancel Peanut's ST because the induction ran later then we had planned... So, we stayed for the pot luck that followed... We all packed up and headed back south to pick up my oldest... We ran quick to Blockbuster and dropped off a movie my husband had rented... When I arrived home my surprise was here that I've been telling you all that would come today...
What do you think:
The children really love it... For right now we will use it this way... When our blessing arrives it has a special attachment for his car seat that will go on the front instead of the child cup holder/snack tray... Peanut will be in the back where Monkey is right now which has separate safety restraints for both sitting and standing.... I'm so excited and blessed to have this wonderful item for my children... I guess that is about all that happened today that I can remember to write about...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Twenty - Eight Weeks Thursday

I'm a crossing off the weeks... One week closer to welcoming our newest gift from God... It was quiet morning but a busy afternoon... I stopped at a friends house before heading across town... I stopped at Walmart to pick up some snacks... I also picked up a new battery for our digital camera... Our other one was completely dead and wouldn't charge up any more... I have the new one charging up now so it's already to go for Monkey's birthday... I also picked up some knitting supplies and the newest $1 leaflet with patterns... I ran into Hobby Lobby to buy the Pastel Blue Yarn I needed for my blessings blanket but they don't carry that particular one... They suggested JoAnn's but I try to avoid them because of rude staff... They also suggested an independent retailer not far from my house... I plan on calling tomorrow to find out the hours and see if I can make a quick peek on Saturday to see if they sell what I want... Hobby Lobby had eggs on sale for 3 packs for $1 so I picked up some for a knitting project... I also saw an adorable girly tool kit I can keep in the van... We had one in there but wet boots from snow melting off leaked on the case and into the case and things rusted and become nasty... This is smaller and comes in a little cute pink/gray zipper case...It comes with a universal handle that has adaptors to fit Screw Driver bits (9 different ones) and Socket Set (5 mm to 11 mm)... Flash Light (2 AA, not included), Pliers, Miniscrew Drivers (like you would use for eye glasses, don't know name), Tape Measure (40" or 1 Meter), Retractable Exacto Knife and Plastic Zip Ties... It was only $10 and I used my 40% off coupon... I stopped at the grocery store for a quick look at the produce section for possible snacks... Didn't see anything... I headed home... Our DDCase Manager called to do an update on my oldest and to let me know the unofficial results are in for Peanut... She does qualify for EI just a matter of all the papers being signed and everyone receiving their copy... Someone will be calling in the next week or so to schedule when they can come and work with her... My oldest had his post-op follow up today and everything has healed up and he's been released from Urology... He also had ST today and had an OK day... He had one time out so no train... He has to have no time outs at his program and earns pictures of trains... When he earns 5 he receive a reward... His last reward was a trip to the grocery store... A funny side note was the maintenance man had to come with him on his trip to the grocery store... You have to think how often does he go on field trips... My oldest really loves the maintenance man and considers himself his right hand man... ::grin:: His next reward will be a trip to Burger King... He is two trains away from his next reward... Busy day tomorrow and lots to write about... Have a great night...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

To Do List Wednesday

Today I had a long to do list of things I accomplished... Peanut had her EI screening... She has to be 50% in one area OR 25% delayed in 2 or more areas of development to qualify... She isn't 50% delayed in speech so she will have to qualify the other way if she qualifies... They will review all their observations and tally the scores... Next I and our DDCase Manager (same one we have for our oldest) at the human resources center will receive a report... A. she will be enrolled in EI and EI will start visiting on a regular basis, followed by a transition meeting when she turns 3 into school district to begin Pre-K A in September... B. we will wait and have the school district screen her for preschool (August or September) after she turns in 3... EI is only Birth to 3... After that you work with private therapist and/or the school district... She had ST today and did wonderful again... I talked with ST about the screening... Picked up my oldest who had OT... He did better then he has in a while but still much room for improvment as far as behavior goes... Psychologist came and observed again today for data to develop a behavior plan... I worked on my Round Robin... I studied it and figured out how to add the next round... Right now it's an odd size 19.25 unfinished size... So, I worked out a way I think so after I add my round of 4.5" it will be 22.5" unfinished size... If it works I will share the info on how I did that... If not well, I will be soliciting for advice... ::smirk:: Hopefully I will be able to start sewing it together soon... Balanced my ledger and worked out a withdrawal slip so I can pay for a couple things with cash instead of waiting for a check to clear...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Not To Much To Do Tuesday

This morning I spend the morning picking out fabrics for the next round of my Round Robin... I have it all picked out and pattern chosen... All I need to do now is make a cutting list and cut out all the pieces I will need... I'm really excited and can't wait to see how great this next round looks... I love that I'm using up some of the fabrics in my stash... I found out my 'surprise' item I bought for baby will arrive on Friday so look for an update on my blog then... ::grin:: I went to the PO mail packages for my husband and mail the last of the household bills for the month.... I went to the Dentist and gave them our pre-agreed upon monthly payment... Looks like one more payment and we are done until insurances can do their part and then we will have to pay on the balance again... I ran to the store because we were out of milk and juice... I also picked up butter (for cookies), cheese, eggs, beans, and cereal... I spent the afternoon researching Birth and Labor... I also made a quick stop at the North library for a book... I had it on reserve at the South library but it was due Feb 17th! So, doesn't look like that one is coming in anytime soon if EVER!!! @@ I don't know what people don't understand about borrowing things from the library... If you need it you CAN check it out more then once... GASP!!! Just ruins it for the rest of us who do follow the rules... I have a couple books on reserve about birth... I hope they come in soon... I have couple books like I will have to Inter-library loan because our copy is in storage while they rebuild the Downtown library...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Quiet Day

Nothing too exciting happen today... I purchased a much needed item for our upcoming blessing at a huge discount... It is coming VIA UPS... So, I will share what it is when it arrives... Didn't go any where except to pick and drop off my oldest... I made a delicious Crockpot Beef Roast with Tomatoes (recipe Feb 12th)... I almost double the recipe because my husband bought this MONSTER size roast... So, I had to add some extras to accommodate for the extra meat... My oldest had ST and was not as good as he could have been but much improved over Thursdays session... I finished my oldest son's basket on Sunday... I haven't shared a PIC of it yet... So here it is:
He requested an all yellow basket... I made his the largest of the three... When I finished his I'm glad I have no more baskets to make... We are gearing up for Monkey's birthday... He is going to be 5! in a matter of days... Just amazing... They grow so fast... All that is left is buy his card and ready his cake... Of course wrap his presents... I updated our calendars through out our house including our school/schedule calendar which has cling letters and you can write on it with a dry erase... I also updated my Catholic Planner (if you are looking for a great CATHOLIC one definitely check out the site) for the next two weeks... So, that is all set too... Tomorrow is an errand day followed buy a very busy end of the week... Have a great Monday!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Recipe: Swiss Steak

It has been a while since I posted a recipe so I'm going to share my swiss steak recipe... I made this last weekend...

1/3 C. Flour
1/2 t. Garlic Powder or 1-2 Cloves of Garlic, minced
1/4 t. Freshly Ground Pepper
1 T. Favorite Beef Blend Seasoning

2 lbs cubed round or sirloin steak

Olive Oil

8 oz Tomato Sauce
1/2 C. Water
1 pkg dry Onion Soup Mix

Combine flour, spices in ziploc bag... Cut meat into 3 oz pieces or smaller... Coat in ziploc bag... Add to heated (medium-high) olive oil in pan and brown on all sides... Remove when browned (centers may not be done but will finish cooking later)... Once all meat is browned and removed from pan... Add tomato sauce, water and onion soup mix to still heated pan... Whisk until blended... Add meat back to pan... Bring to a boil... Reduce heat, cover and let simmerfor 15-20 minutes until meat is done... Remove steak and use 'gravy/sauce' over steak and mashed potatoes if desired... Serve with your favorite veggies and freshly baked bread...

Slow Saturday

Today was a pretty quiet day... I ran out to the store because I was too tried to go last night when my husband returned from running errands... So, I went out and picked up milk (used the last of it at breakfast), cereal, cheese, beans, eggs, juice and yogurt... My husband had to work today so that's about all the running I did today... I stayed home and chilled with the children and started work on my oldest's yellow basket... I learned some new knitting stitches so it is taking some time longer then the others... I probably won't finish it till tomorrow sometime... His basket is also twice as big as his brothers... So, more stitches to make it all the way around the sides... That takes longer... I guess that is about all there is to write...