"If you have too much to do, with God's help you will find time to do it all." St. Peter Canisius

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekend - Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Peanut had ST today... We talked about all that is going on here... I scheduled some appointments for next week... Linebacker had his 2 week check up... He is up to 7 lbs and 6 ozs... So, he is gaining nicely... His next appointment is at 2 months... I planted a lot of things today... I have Collards, Lettuce, Carrots, Onions and Squash in the ground... I visited my oldest... He is doing well...
Today we went to the Detroit Lakes Street Fair... I found an awesome dress...
The only other thing we bought besides 'eats' was some Salsa from husband/wife that traveled here from Colorado... My husband heard him on the radio... It was really good... A huge nasty storm blew up just before we left... It ripped one of the 'tents' up and threw it... Luckily we were in another block but it sure did scare us... We decided that was our cue it was time to head home... The wind really picked up... Street Fair goers and Vendors a like scrambled for cover and protect their wares... Otherwise it was a great time had by all... I went and visited my oldest... He told me he needed more underwear... He has issues with cleaniliness after using the restroom so it is better to just throw out his clothing then try to wash them... He knows what is proper and we aren't sure why sometimes he does it correctly but other times he disregards the proper way all together...
Today my husband visited and took our oldest new underwear and a shirt... I visited later and took some extra socks... It is my husband's last day off... We did a lot of shopping and worked on the house... It is coming along nicely here in the living room... I took a much needed nap... We grilled out... Meals from our friends start tomorrow... So, I won't be 'cooking' for a bit... I'm excited to see what delicious dishes our friends bring... I caught up on the laundry...

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Today we had our first meeting about our oldest... The current word is things are going well and another 10 days are expected... If I had made it this far today I would have been 40 weeks... Also today was the last 'official' day of school... So, summer break is starting... Doesn't feel like summer... It is still very chilly... Peanuts Godmother stopped by to see Linebacker... It poured most of the late afternoon and evening...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Peanut had ST today... She did very well... ST gave Linebacker an adorable little outfit... My oldest teacher and primary para visited him this morning... I stopped by to pick up forgotten things and talked with them to find out how their visit went... They also commented on how he seemed distracted when they were there too... He saw them pull up and park... He was very excited and happy to see them... I visited him later and he was much better... He seemed like his old self again... We went through the mounds and mounds of clothes... We had 40 containers of mixed up clothes (all sizes boys and girls) that the children had outgrown or will grow into in the future... They have no been sorted into boxes labeled: Boys - Birth to 3/6 Months, Boys - 6/9 Months to 12 Months, Boys - 18 Months Fall/Winter, Boys -18 Months Spring/Summer, and Boys - 24 Months... Then we have 4 boxes for Boys - 2T to 5T T-Shirts, Shorts, Long Sleeve Shirts, and Pants... We also have a formal/holiday clothing, swimwear/coverall/sun hats, and PJ boxes... Girls we just packed all together since we don't have that much yet... We plan to micro sort it more later this summer... Talk about a mess... It is a great accomplishment!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today we went to the Children's Museum with our friends from FMCHE... That was lots of friend... One mom helped me better position Linebacker in the sling... I've only ever hipped carried the children in a sling... Eventually I had him down and even nursed him without taking him out of the sling... How awesome is that? I know a lot of people who wear slings but very few could ever figure out how to nurse while baby wearing... My husband joined us later for the picnic lunch... The children had a great time exploring the exhibits... They painted some beautiful pictures in the 'art' area... Monkey and Peanut rode the train and all of us rode the Carseousel... Linebacker slept most of the time... I finished that 2nd gardening box... I planted tomatoes... I visited my oldest and he seemed a bit distracted... His meds have been changed a bit so it might be a side effect... Of course he could have just been tired... I called a ton of people to give them the details of the events that took place on Sunday and cancel any appointments my oldest won't be able to attend... We have our first meeting about what happen with our oldest on Thursday... We went to his school and talked with the staff there... I picked up all his things... They all miss him and hope to visit him too... We talked about his ESY and what might be needed for that...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We are heading into the last full week my husband has off with us... Today we worked on the garden... I planted the Hot Peppers... I have one box finished and ready for more planting and a second box that will be ready after a bit more work... My oldest is becoming increasingly aggressive... It's a holiday weekend so that has me concerned... We went to Lowe's and picked up some more trim for the living room...It is really starting to come together... Here is a picture of the North wall of the living room finished... Doesn't it look nice? ::insert photo::
I had to take Linebacker into the walk-in-clinic... It is a first come first serve doctor for non-emergency care when you can't see your regular doctor... He was bleeding near his circumcision... Everything was alright and I just need to keep it clean and put a little OTC antibiotic ointment to prevent infection and it sticking to his diaper... So, a lot of worry for nothing... Glad I had him checked any way... We have two HUGE storms headed this way that have already produced at least one tornado... So, I will have to go now...
Sunday: Today we went to Mass at the Cathedral... Our usual church cut back on their times they have Mass... It was also the first time Linebacker had been to Mass... It was great showing him off to all our friends who hadn't see him in person yet... After Mass we had the Corpus Christi Procession... It was very spiritually moving... I'm glad we stayed to participate... We went to a Potluck with our FMCHE friends... I made sloppy joes and took buns... Many more of our friends who hadn't seen Linebacker in person met him there... He was snuggled by many of the moms... Everything was going wonderful when our oldest had an incident with another child... At that point we promptly left... We had a very long and stressful night to follow... I won't be sharing any details since this is a public blog...
I was up and gathered things for my oldest... I dropped them off and visited him... He is doing somewhat better today then he was last night... Today we went for a drive and a picnic... The children fell asleep in the van and it was freezing! My husband and I had a romantic picnic together and shivered while the children slept in the warm van... We drove home and worked more on the house... Progress is slowly moving around the room to the East and West walls...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fast First Week Friday

All about Linebacker's first week... Stay tuned...

Linebacker's Birth Story

I had an awesome birth less the 90 mins of 'true' labor
birth story in brief
labor' started at 3 AM they were 5 mins apart went to hospital 9-10 AM everything stopped I was 6-7 cm and 75% but no contractions they sent me home to eat and rest after trying to coerce me into breaking my water stuffed with several very greasy sausages (what sounded good at the moment and was ready ASAP) myself and slept about 2-3 hours woke up at 8 with them one on top of another sent you home at 6 - 7 cm well, I wouldn't let them do anything I said nope I will continue with NATURAL ways of helping things along they weren't allowed to do anything but listen with the dopplar and check my progress No to ivs, meds, interventions yadda I think they didn't think I would go home trying to call my bluff as in oh I want a natural no intervention birth at 8 PM I woke up with ut oh arrived at hospital between 8:30 and 8:45 I gave a really good push BOOM like a cannon my water broke shot across room and hit the attending doctor thought I had pushed Linebacker out but then I was nope he's still in there LOL 3-4 more pushes he's out doctor barely touched him to deliver they didn't break down the bed so he was born gently onto the foot of the bed they normally remove for delivery (ie no feet up in air he laid there quiet and alert, they did the first APGAR and then the 2nd APGAR at 5 mins after that the cord was clamped and my girlfriend cut it... they wrapped him up and my girl friend held him placenta delivered, 1-1/2 or 2 stitches and then Linebacker was handed to me within a 1/2 hour he nursed 1 hr after birth they did his newborn 'exam' weight him, eye ointment, length, etc, wrapped him back up and nursed a bit more then fell asleep they rubbed the vernex into his skin he wasn't bathed till 3 AM born at 9:24 PM full force start at 8, hospital at 8:30/45 born at 9:24 my girlfriend who was at my birth said 'your birth looked like what a home birth would look like if it had taken place in a hospital peaceful powerful healing womanly there was ONE nurse on call doctor (my PCP sister two doulas and my girlfriend so very few people and all women other births have had 2-3 nurses it was just beautiful! my doula with peanut moved out of town so I found someone new old doula moved back to town... I didn't not want her to be there and I didn't want to give up my new doula so I had both they each had their own things they were good at then I had my girlfriend who was like the husband... if there were any complications she was going to be with the baby if I couldn't be there painful but invigorating I'd also describe my birth awe inspiring only one thing I'd change something they call the ring of fire when baby's head goes through the cervix it BURNS some women have it and some don't that part I could do with out contractions are a cakewalk compared to that part! my girlfriend loved when I pushed I said oh that feels soo good LOL I said well it did she says I know but I've never heard anyone actually say what everyone is thinking during that part of their labor I just felt all the women needed to know what I was feeling I said they are strong contractions or help me breathe or their coming to fast for a while I felt out of control of things and frightened but at the same time conforted as if God himself was sitting there holding my hand so when I started pushing and I felt better I wanted to let them know that I was 'ok' I have tremers and whimper then they are really strong however I don't fight things I just let them go and pray did a whole lot of praying during that last 10 minutes before I felt the urge to push asking God, Mary, Jesus to help me please help me it was as if Heaven itself opened up when after that first push just complete peace truly divine I went from oh my panic to this is natural and things happening just like they are meant to it's kind of crazy

Sunday, May 18, 2008

He's HERE!!!

I will update later... ::on baby cloud nine::

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thirty-Eight Weeks Thursday

Here I am today:
I've had so many you look great pregnant compliments lately... Everyone says I'm 'glowing'... I do feel great! I'm savoring every last moment of this wonderful blessed experience God has given to me and my family... I had an OB check up today... My GBS Test came back NEGATIVE!!!! TBTG!!! Woooo hooo... I am now a good solid 3 cm and 50%... He is has fully dropped and is well engaged into the pelvic area... So, he will definitely be coming out head first... I went to the full serve gas station after my appointment... I ran to the PO to mail an eBay book... I stopped at the $1 store to pick up some sweet snacks since we are out of cookies at the moment... I'm just not up to that right now... The more I do the more contractions I have... We want to keep this guy in here just a little bit longer before he makes his appearance... I need to run to the bank to deposit a check but keep leaving the house without it... Duh! The fence company came and finished the fence today... Cool huh? I will share a PIC later... So, now I can turned my sad, abandon SFG into something beautiful again! I received an email saying my tomatoes and hot peppers are on their way... I can't wait to start working in there... When I was expecting Peanut I teased DH my water would break while I was working out in my garden... I actually went into labor while organizing baby clothes trying to figure what we could use... My water didn't break till minutes before she was born... Maybe that joke will be true with this one... ::smirk:: I really want to catch up with my planting schedule... My husband on his next day off is going to help me add compost to my garden now that the fence is finished... I had my last 'doula' meeting before the birth... We went over my wants and things I don't want... We made sure everyone had the each other's numbers... I found out one of my doulas is expecting #4... How exciting... What a blessing for her and her family... She is about 8 weeks along and in the middle of the lovely 'morning' sickness phase... Look at our new resident who moved into our garage:
Isn't that neat?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Winding Down Wednesday

Well, we are winding down... Soon the new little guy will be here... I can't believe it... This morning I went to a meeting to discuss Monkey results for all of his testing... Good news is he will go to K in the fall and not be held back a year... However he is behind... So, he will have Speech, PT and OT in the fall... We are starting it up at home this summer to give him a jump start in help... So, maybe part way through the year we can drop one or all of them if he has caught up enough... He is average overall and slightly below average when each area is extensively looked at... We all agreed that some of his delay is probably due to the fact he is not around typical peers (no day care) and has his older brother as one of his primary role models to imitate... So, that's the latest with him... Now I just need insurance approval...Which I know will be no problem... Just a matter of making it official so the therapy people can start billing... The therapy people will come out to evaluate him to set up a plan of what needs to be worked on in their sessions and how often they will see him... Last we will pick days and times that work for each of the 3 different therapist to come and see him... The best part is they come to the house so no running around this summer except for Summer School for my oldest and Monkey is going to Safety Town... I've talked about Safety Town before... It is a program all K who will start in the fall attend during the summer... It is a 2 week program that teaches them about Police, Fire, Ambulance, and other Safety topics like crossing the street and riding your bike... We had our last MACH I (Mother's And CHildren) meeting today... It's like Catholic MOPS... It is only available locally... The curriculum is written by some ladies locally... They hope some time in the future it goes national but right now it's just in our two dioceses (ND and MN)... It was Spring Tea... So, we didn't have a lesson... We chatted, ate, and talked about our favorite books for two hours... Peanut has ST... We talked about what happen to her hand, about the possible any minute arrival of baby and whether she will be able to fit Monkey into her schedule... My oldest had OT... We talked about his needs... He only has a few more insurance approved visits so soon the OT will be gone too... His caseload is pretty full so he probably won't see Monkey this summer... We have seen quite a few different OT because of my oldest behavior issues so we will probably still have someone who is familiar with our family... They can address Monkey's issues with the knowledge of what my oldest issues are developmentally and how the environment is effect certain areas of his development due to imitating... I did finish my blessings hat... It is adorable!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Teaching Tuesday

I gave a knitting class this morning to my homeschool group... That was lots of fun... I started work on our little blessings hat... It's powder blue/baby yellow... I should finish it tonight... I stopped at the bank... I went and picked up a new boppy and extra cover at Target... My other one we had to throw out after it was became dirty and damaged... It was one of the old style without the removeable/switchable covers... I also dropped a DVD in the slot at the library... We ate the last of our Mother's Day cook out for lunch... Tonight I went to an API Support Group Meeting... The leaders had moved away but moved back so the meetings have started back up again... The leader is one of my doulas also... All in all it was a pretty quiet day... The 'overnight' lady watched my oldest while I was at the meeting... She then observed the bedtime routine of Bath, PJs, Story, and into bed to sleep... So, we are one more step closer to overnight...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I rested most of the morning and then woke up and ready just in time to leave for Mass... After Mass I relaxed with the children outside... It said it was barely 60 but it felt great outside... My husband worked on remodeling... He did some staining of the wainscoting and trim... He put another coat of primer on the wall behind the couch... He also measured the window sill to the piece that would go on there... Children were all very dirty from playing outside so they all had a very quick in and out bath before we left... We stopped for a quick bite to eat for the children and my husband... I ate at the house while they were playing... They weren't hungry when I ate but were hungry now... Next we went to Lowe's to pick up that piece he needed for window plus some more trim... He took the children in to help him while I relaxed in the van and enjoyed the lovely weather... We stopped at Walmart... I ran by myself to pick up the VERY last thing needed for baby... A coordinating receiving blanket... It is perfect! I also picked up a 3 pack of cotton hats to protect his little head... He didn't have but one or two hats... None that were the every day kind... They matched outfits... Next we went to Target... I strolled around looking at this or that while they picked out my Mother's Day gift and a card from the children... They assembled a mini personal care/hygiene kit complete with bag from the 'travel' section... I will use that in the hospital instead of packing my regular size stuff... There are a few things to pamper myself in the 'kit'... So, that was cool... We grilled out steaks, hot dogs, and cheese burgers... We talked with family on the phone... My husband took the boys recycling while Peanut stayed home with me to recover from yesterday... All the children fell asleep quickly... We watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and a rerun of Star Trek (the original) before I headed up to bed...
Peanut had her session this morning... We talked about what happen yesterday... I took her 'protect' winter mitten (reminds her to be careful and protects from bumps) off but she didn't use her hand at all... We were saying it probably take a while even after it is healed to use her hand again... Right now she is wearing a winter glove with fingers... She seems to use her hand a bit more... I went out and ran errands in the middle of the day... I stopped at the bank to pick up lunch money for my oldest and money for library fines... I can't stand even a balance of 10 cents on my or any of the children's accounts... My husband however can have $5-7 run up and I have to nag him about paying it off... You hit a balance of $15 and they freeze your account... It's 10 cents a day for late books and 50 cents a day for late DVDs... In our house when you turn 3 you earn the responsibility of a library card and can check out your own items... So, in just a couple months Peanut will have her own card... From birth to 3 I put things on my card... Today at the library the selection was AWESOME... I picked up a lot of great stuff for myself and the children... Next I stopped at the Respite office to drop off May and June Calendars that show the hours I wished staffed... I headed home to chill a bit and the phone rings... It's the fence people... They will be there in about 30-45 minutes to set the posts... I was like wow, ok... I met the out there and we went over where I wanted what... They started working... I picked my oldest... They finished setting all the posts right around nap time... Which I was glad because I barely keeping my eyes open... They will be back in a few days once the concrete sets... How long exactly will depend on weather conditions... It was a bit sprinkly this afternoon but not really enough to make anything that wet... It was in the mid 60s today... Overall a nice day despite the fact it was overcast and looked like it may rain on you at any minute...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stitches Saturday

Yes, as the title suggests not a pleasant afternoon... I took my oldest out with me and we picked up his RX (we use the pharmacy down the hall from the ER) refill for the month... We then stopped at the store for milk, juice, eggs, and cheese... All the while the weather is horrific... There was a chilly wind with a rain and sleet/snow mix falling... Very miserable to be out in... I come home to my husband in an unpleasant mood... So, I'm running around trying to fix things and the two little ones come around the corner dripping blood... My husband completely loses it... I'm like it's bad enough they are crying and dripping blood... We need to at least try to stay calm... So, over to the sink to figure out where the blood is coming from... All my husband can say is how far behind he is and he can't miss work... I managed to clean up Monkey quickly and band aid him up... Peanut wasn't so easy... I'm trying to stay calm myself, calm Peanut, clean her up so I can fix what ever is wrong and my husband's only 'help' was complaining how could this have happen and if it doesn't stop you are going to have to take her to the doctor... Of course during the whole fiasco I'm catering to the boys lunch needs, helping my husband finish making 'our' lunch, and doing what needs to be done before he heads off to work... Which I didn't even have a chance to eat till almost 4 hours later... She has too small cuts on her fingers... Managed to have one under control but the 2nd just wouldn't quit no matter what I did... I started calling for help from people I knew around town... No one is answering... My husband finally goes out the door saying well call me if there is an 'emergency' and I can't miss work... My reply was don't worry I won't call unless I'm in labor... At that point was just ready to scream... I finally reach one who is quite frazzled herself and informs me it's Confirmation at the Cathedral... I'm like no wonder no one is answering... Finally someone calls back and can take my oldest while I make a trip to the ER... So, everyone bundles up to go out in the 'lovely' weather... I'm fighting off Braxton-Hicks saying you know giving birth is the last thing I need right now! I drop off my oldest and off we go... 2.5 hours later Peanut has two stitches... I receive care instructions and have to go back next Saturday to have them removed... I put a surgical glove over her hand for the ride home... Once home I put a winter mitten on her hand to protect it and remind her not use that hand... I'm saving the glove for bath time... She can wash it but not submerge it in water for any length of time... I ate a huge homemade cheese steak sandwich (lunch) and we all were out for a much needed nap... The braxton-hicks finally disappeared... The house is a disaster (toys every where) but it is going to stay that way... I've had enough excitement for the day and don't plan on going to the hospital for a 3rd time! So, I'm going to eat a huge dinner and take a nice soak in the tub... I'm then headed to bed to call it a day...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Frustrated Friday

I'm not sure what it is but I have the nastiest attitude lately... I'm short tempered and just down right irritated most of the time... I hate it! I don't know what my problem is... I don't like feeling this way... I don't remember feeling this way before the other births either... Despite the high gas prices I took the little ones for a mini road trip on the outskirts of town just to 'get away'... I felt a bit better after that but still a tad grumpy... I ran to the PO and mailed an eBay item... I also used my coupon from JCPenney that expires tomorrow... I bought two outfits for our new little guy... Retail $30+... I payed less then $6... How awesome is that... I still haven't been able to find a receiving blanket I like and that is making me mad... Feel like a clock is ticking for me to find and buy one before he arrives... I don't like feeling like I'm 'late' or going to be 'late'... I did find the perfect 'spring' jacket while out today... I also finally found Peanut a hat... When we all go out we like to wear our various ball caps and Peanut didn't have one... Hers is baby pink with Elmo on it... She has really taken a liking to him lately even though she never watches Sesame Street... She calls him 'el yo'... ::grin:: I probably should pick up some DVDs so she can watch him on the TV or set the VCR for Sesame Street... It comes on before we wake up in the morning... I also bought wipes because we had like 4 and Peanut was stinky... My husband reply was 'well, I'm going to the store tonight after work'... I said 'I don't think so'... I'm supposed to make it 12 hours with 4 wipes... Yea right... Today I met our new respite staff... I'm really excited and they are starting soon... The gal who is going to work Fri/Sat for us said she would fill in the every other Sun till they could find someone to alternate with the other gal who is taking Sat/Sun... How awesome is that! So, all the hours I requested are FILLED!!! We will actually have 18 of the 40 hours of May staffed... I'm psyched! Tonight was the Autism Support Group meeting... We meet once a month during the 'school' year with child care provided and have a few daytime 'family' outings during the summer months like indoor pool party, picnic at the park, etc... They had a Neuropsychologist speak about recent research that has happened, current studies going on, and what is coming up in the near future... We had a bit of Q & A session... It is one of our best meetings we have had... He's been all over the country and came from UC Davis before working here at our local hospital... I wish my husband didn't have to work and could have gone... It was really phenomenal... It was refreshing to listen to and ask questions of someone who has a CLUE! While we have some awesome services considering the size of our area (90K) it helps every now and then to hear someone who is from the 'outside' talk about what is happening in rest of the country and even around the world... Makes me very optimistic about my oldest son's future... Sometimes everything seems to be falling apart and we are powerless to stop it... So, despite my unnecessary sour attitude things are on a positive note...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thirty Seven Weeks

The food lady came today and talked about how to plan menus, dry milk and potato flakes... Next time she will talk about when produce is in season... Not sure when I will have her come next... Sometime in June since the birth is well could be at any moment... I received a call today from our new respite service... They have 99% of the hours I requested filled... Staff will be starting soon... How exciting huh? We haven't had respite since March 16th when we left the previous company... So, it took about 2 months to switch... Our 'overnight' worker came and met with my oldest ST... He had a serious meltdown and didn't want anything to do with ST... So, it was for the best we discontinued services for now... We talked about many things and added some new pictures for the ST to make for his picture schedule... She just needs to laminate and add velcro on the last list... So, everything is moving right along with that... I ran a few errands... I dropped off formula to the pregnancy crisis center that I received in the mail... I won't need it... I picked up two pack of diapers for new guy... So, we will hopefully make it through the first couple of weeks... I stopped at Sears but they didn't have anything I wanted... I was looking for a receiving blanket to go with the coming home outfit... So, that was annoying... I probably go to Walmart and try to match something from another company... Sears had such a poor baby section... So limited in variety... I also picked up a blanket my husband dropped off at the cleaners last month... Dry cleaners have such odd hours... We had the hardest time arriving before they closed... They all close early on Saturday and aren't open on Sunday... Weekday hours are great if that works with your schedule but difficult if you are 2nd shift weekend person... I've been kind of stressed out lately... I think I will go take a relaxing soak...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wok Wednesday

I had an appointment this morning... I weighted in at 200.4 lbs... We set up an appointment for them to see the new baby in July... I made homemade Chicken Fried Rice this morning... Doesn't it look delicious:
Here is the recipe... (stay tuned)

Telephone people came and marked the site for the fence company... All our clean up week is gone... We watched them load the front end loader twice then into a dump truck... They left only the fridge and we were gone when they took that away... Peanut had a good ST session... ST remarked she enjoys activities other patients dread and her attention span is excellent... She has really come a long way since their first session... My oldest didn't have OT today because of a scheduling conflict in the OT's family... My oldest assisted me with the laundry and dishes tonight... He is such a great helper... He really enjoys stepping in and giving a hand... Otherwise a pretty quiet day... A good day to rest...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tasty Tuesday

I had my OB check up today... Everything is looking great... They did the GBS Test so I will have the results of that soon... She also checked to see if anything is happening yet... I'm 2-3 cm dilated and 20% effaced... I go every week now till I deliver... I stopped at the store and picked up some new flip flops... My crocs were making my feet sore because my feet are a bit fat from the pregnancy... So, I have nice comfy slip ons till I delivery then I can go back to my crocs... They are also useful for when I have a pedicure... So, I'm all set for summer... We had a big meeting about my oldest that involved the behavioral psychologist 'plan'... It had some good moments and others that were just annoying... The 'overnight' lady came and they did the afternoon routine together... He even napped a little bit at her place... So, that was exciting and a positive step forward to overnights... We had a really good rain storm... My husband put out the last tiny bit of the clean up week stuff... We went to the mall to pay my husband's CC and to the dentist to pay on our bill... We think they may be over charging us so we have a print out now and see if what has been paid for by insurance and what is possibly waiting for insurance to do their job... We seem to pay and pay but never pay it off... Very frustrating... We stopped at the library and Dollar tree... Next we picked up food at the grocery store for me to cook up some new recipes my husband found in some cookbooks we have... I took a late nap before starting on dinner... tonight I made homemade Moo Goo Gai Pan... Doesn't it look delicious:
Here is the recipe... (stay tuned)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Please Make Up Your Mind Monday

Mass, Lunch, more clean up week stuff... I made Tomato Crock Pot Roast... My husband for got Garlic yesterday so I ran up to the corner to pick that up to finish up the ingredients needed for the roast... We headed out to run errands late in the day... We stopped at the south library... They had an awful selection... So, I will have to go sometime during the week to beef up our weekly 'rental'... Next we headed to the Mall... I ran in and found the most adorable socks for my little blessing... Now his coming home out fit is 99% complete... Just want to pick up a receiving blanket in case it's chilly/sunny the day he comes home... What do you think? Isn't it just the sweetest set I put together:
My husband ran in to pick up the Mother's Day cards he needed... He then went to Sears to pick up stain for the remodeling... We stopped at the PO and mailed Mother's Day cards... I rested while my husband continued with clean up week and took the boys recycling... Peanut and I were sleepy while they were gone so we headed up stairs for a late nap... First we went through clothes in storage to see what could be used during the warm season... When I woke up everyone had been fed, bathed and put to bed for the night... My husband and I enjoyed a quite dinner together... He had made broccoli and garlic mashed potatoes to go with the roast I had put in earlier... We watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition together... I fell asleep while my husband did some things around the house...
Peanut had her session today... She did really well... Today I didn't do much of anything except relax from the busy weekend... We tried to figure out our electric/gas bill mess... Supposedly our meter stopped working during the winter and was fixed... They didn't notify us about it till 3 months after fact... ::rolling eyes:: So, we weren't billed because there was no activity... Then we were I guess over billed and they refunded us (we only see a partial refund on current statement) completely all the months that we 'off'... They did an 'estimate' for the 'off' months and now we are severely past due... They wanted $500 before the end of the month or they cut us off... We worked out a payment plan... Now we are up to date and not in any danger of disconnection... I called someone who works for the state to look into it and find out what is really going on... See if we really owe what they say... We are supposed to receive two updated bills with what we were refunded and how much we owe and whatever... So, that is annoying and stressful... Just when everything was going so well...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Spending Money Saturday

Today I shopped till I dropped... Our overnight worker came today and spent the afternoon with our oldest... We went to the library... We stopped and did a bit of shopping at a 2nd hand place... I found a great little tiny Cookie Cookbook... I also found Peanut an adorable Little People Car... It holds 3 'Little People'... She loves it! We then did some eBay shopping... To the dollar store to pick up some household items... I ran into Walmart... My husband stopped to pick up his contacts and then he ran into the grocery store... We headed home to unload... Monkey and I went out alone... We stopped at Target to pick up Binkies for the new little guy... I looked at outfits but didn't find anything I liked... We then stopped at the mall for Mother's Day cards... We nibbled on some cookies from Mrs. Fields and had a strawberry/banana drink from Orange Julius... After we had some mommy/son time with our treat... We stopped at the grocery store for forgotten items... We picked up Milk, Hotdogs, and Buns... We headed home... My husband worked more on remodeling... The living room is really coming along... He also worked on 'Clean-Up' Week stuff... We grilled out cheeseburgers and hotdogs since the weather was so nice... We made 'snackies' inside for dinner...

Friday, May 2, 2008

First Friday

Today was the 1st Friday of MAY! It is so hard to believe... The year is almost 1/2 over... I had my 1st Friday mommy group... We said the Rosary together... That was really nice... Different ladies took turns with each of the Mysteries... We then chatted about possibly about doing a book club type meeting during the summer... Where we read and discuss what we read when we meet... I'm not sure how active I will be this summer without help for my oldest and a newborn... I will probably be pretty MIA... I'm looking forward to the fall though when schedules are established and we are back into a routine... I'm sure this summer is going to be CRAZY!!! I ran errands today and mailed a few bills... So, that's done and one less thing I have to do before baby arrives... Monkey finished his testing today... I received my official invite to the results discussion meeting... Praying all goes well and they say K and not Pre-K for the fall... It was a pretty quiet and restful night... After a busy week I was glad to be home and have no where to go... I'm going to go watch This Old House & Ask This Old House from yesterday and Moonlight from tonight... Hopefully head to bed early... I still have a bit of a head cold lingering...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thirty Six Weeks

Today I'm 36 weeks and have 28 or less days to go... I finished my medicine today for Bronchitis... This morning was Peanut's 2-9... We decided that she will attend Special Ed Preschool at the Public School 2 mornings a week adding a 3rd if necessary later... She will have ST only at school without any other adaptions or therapies... I will go back in August and sign her IEP and she will start school... So, right now she will have her bi-weekly private ST continuing till she 'graduates' and her weekly sessions with the EI people till she turns 3... At that time her EI sessions will end and she will only have private ST... Since her delay and qualifying 'disability' is her speech she will continue with private even after she starts school... The best case scenario is she will attend this one year and then stay home the following before attending K in the fall 2010... My oldest saw the psychiatrist today... Everything has been going pretty well so we made no changes and I only gave an extensive update and picked up Rx refills... We won't go back until mid summer unless issues arise... So, that's good too! Peanut had her ST today because her ST is going to a conference tomorrow... We talked about her 2-9 and current progress in her private sessions... Today was a pretty busy day... However the day went smoothly... I made homemade baked chicken nuggets with boneless skinless thigh meat today... I also made several phone calls... Now if I could feel 100% then things would be just perfect... I worked on 1st of the month homesteading paper work... I did a bit with the monthly bills... 15 Appointments/Events completed this week... 3 more to go...