"If you have too much to do, with God's help you will find time to do it all." St. Peter Canisius

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tired - Thursday

I wasn't posting because I was busy but now I'm just in a bad mood... I doubt anyone wants to hear about how irritated and just plain spiteful toward anyone who dare even breathe near me...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Here are my top 10 this week...

1. A husband who loves me despite all my faults
2. Spring Sunshine
3. Movies that Transform your Heart and your Soul
4. Generosity of Others
5. Knowing others personally who are open to Life
6. Spring Flooding is almost over
7. My children
8. My home
9. A table where no one leaves hungry
10. My parish

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where? Wednesday

Where does the day seem to go? I'm not really sure... I don't want to board my readers but right now I need my blog to list my accomplishments during the day... Right now at the end of the day I'm thinking what did I do today? I feel that I didn't do much... I know that isn't true... Starting today I'm going to work on listing all the many tasks I preformed on most messages till I'm out of this so what did you do today? Only to think did nothing...

Taxi Mom
Peanut ST
Laundry - 3 loads
Oldest Psych Appt
Monkey ST
Return Library Materials
Cook Dinner For Tomorrow - BBCue Chicken in Oven
Apple Pie
Pick Up House
Nurse/Change Linebacker - Several Times

More to come later...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3rd Tooth - Tuesday

Linebacker's 3rd tooth arrived over the weekend... It is on the upper right side...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter - Monday

We had a wonderful Easter... I will work on posting daily again this week... We survived the history making flood... We never had to evacuate but we were prepared if that was to happen... The ones in bold below are all the ones we have lived through since our residence here... We did make it down to 30 something or lower feet but it is going back up to 38 something feet in the next couple of days and then expected to go back down and cease flooding at all till next spring... Many things have happened since I last published it seems like months ago even though it was just a little over two weeks... I will have lots of 'back' messages to put up as well as new messages with many photos...

Here is now the new Top 10 Historical Crests:
(1) 40.82 ft on 03/28/2009
(2) 40.10 ft on 04/07/1897
(3) 39.57 ft on 04/17/1997
(4) 37.80 ft on 04/11/1882
(5) 37.34 ft on 04/15/1969
(6) 37.13 ft on 04/05/2006
(7) 36.69 ft on 04/14/2001

(8) 35.39 ft on 04/09/1989
(9) 34.93 ft on 04/19/1979
(10) 34.65 ft on 04/16/1952

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kitchen Remodel FINISHED!

What do you all think?

::photos to come::

I still have some more work to do but wow what a difference...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kichen Remodel - First Project

Here is the first project I did... Just something small till I can do the 'big' project... This is a small cutting board/cookie sheet cabinet next to my cabinets that are under my sink...

Here is a 'before' I started:Everything that was in the cabinet:
Here it is 'after' I finished:
What a difference!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weather Wednesday

As if historic flooding occuring we didn't have enough to deal with but yet ANOTHER 'mini' blizzard blew through our area... It was a blessing because it helped slow the river so we could strength, build or build higher all the various levees around town... It is beautiful... I'm glad I could just stay home...
This what it looked like when we first woke up mid storm...
This was later on after things had calmed down... I always find it interesting how sometimes the snow clings to our roof and other times it doesn't 'stick' at all...
This is out of 'library' window... The snow is almost up to the 'sash'...
This is a view from outside when the snow is melted... Helps give you some idea how high the snow is!
::photo to come::
Remember our Mid March Blizzard... Look at the PIC of Peanut playing... She would now be completely hidden from view of our backdoor now...
This is me showing how high the snow is next (left) to our driveway...