"If you have too much to do, with God's help you will find time to do it all." St. Peter Canisius

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sick Again Tuesday!

Well, I have a horrible head cold again... So, I'm going to to MIA for a few days... ::sigh:: So, much for my new routine... I feel awful... :-(

Monday, January 28, 2008

Many Changes Monday

I will be sharing two new recipes (will update tomorrow)... One is for Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookie Bars and Homemade Bread... I don't know if it's the cold possible sinus infection or what but I'm just dragging and very emotional lately... We are having many issues at home right now that are related to things we own and it is just setting me into an emotional upset... Like issues with our refrigerator and washing machine... Normally it wouldn't bother me... Just feel so frustrated and that I can't get a handle on things... However things between my husband and I are good and no issues with the children... Just my house seems to be really giving me a hard time! Well, I sat down and wrote a 'Family Routine' for our family... It is broke into 15 minute increments... It has everything our family SHOULD accomplish in one day... I know we won't follow it every day exactly if any day but it is there to help us not sit around and stare at the TV or Computer for hours... It is also going to help me with myself care... Which is really been neglected for many years... I'm tired of being the poster child of exhaustion! I want to sleep a decent number of hours at night waking up refreshed... I want to be able to eat 3 meals a day instead of 1-2 on my lucky days... If I continue on the path I'm on it could only have one end result and that is disaster! Many prayers while I try to organize myself would be appreciated... I will try to update and let everyone know how it is going... My good friend and mentor Michelle helped me tweak it a bit... The routine really puts things into perspective! Nothing much else excited happened today...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Slow Saturday

Today was a pretty slow day... Slept in a bit... I made Pizzas for dinner... Recipe below... When I woke up I made a lb of bacon (just easier to cook it all at once when the pan is hot and store it in the fridge for meals later)... We also had eggs and bagels... We headed out to run errands... First stop was to the gas station... The needle was in the orange (lower then 1/8th tank)... Next was the dollar store downtown which my husband told me the last weekend is going out of business... They just remodeled... Go figure... A trip the library... I looked for a book about bread but they didn't have any... Next we headed across town and realized we should have stopped at the dry cleaners... So, we stopped at 3 different ones... One closes a noon, one closes at one and one closes at 2... It was quarter to 4... So, we headed back across town and stopped Walmart... We had lots of things to pick up like Cat Milk (pediasure), Wipes, Juice, Bagels, Cinnamon, Ketchup (on sale $3 for 64 oz) and a few other things... I also picked up rotary blades... $6 cheaper then JoAnn's... So, I hope to work on my round robin again soon... We made a quick stop at the grocery for meats for homemade pizzas (dinner tonight), bananas, grapes and apples... It was home head home and do thing around the house like hang black out curtains to block out the cold air leaking in an old window... We picked up Balto II at the library... I went online and found they actually have a Balto III... I wonder if the library has this one too! The children are really enjoying them... Now for the Pizza Recipes...

Pizza Crust (two 12" crusts):
3/4 C. Water
2 T. Olive Oil
2-1/2 C. Bread Flour
1 t. Salt
1-3/4 t. active dry Yeast

I put these things into my bread machine and let it do the work but you can certainly do it by hand if you choose... I've done it by hand but did the machine tonight because I napped while it was making my ingredients into dough... My machine takes about 75 minutes to make dough... Divide Dough in half and roll into 12" circles... Pre-Bake at 400 Degrees for 8-10 minutes or more depending on how 'brown' you like your crust...

Assembling A Pizza
Sauce - 1/2 Pint to 1 Pint (depending on how saucy you like it, I use my homemade frozen meatless spaghetti sauce, thawed)
Favorite Toppings Prepared - We had ground Italian Sausage browned and crumbled, ground Beef browned and crumbled, Pepperoni slices, Onion diced, Mushrooms sliced, Tomatoes diced...
Mozzarella Cheese Shredded

After your crust has been pre-baked... First is a layer of sauce and about 1/3 of the 8 oz shredded Mozzarella block... Next add your toppings minus the Tomatoes... We will be adding those later... Next is the other 2/3 of Mozzarella... Place in oven (400 degrees) and bake 8-14 minutes depending on how 'brown' you like your cheese... Ingredients should be hot, bubbly and melted cheese... Sprinkle on tomato and bake another 2-4 minutes until tomatoes are hot... Repeat depending on how many crusts you made...
Let cool slightly before slicing... ENJOY!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Not Fun Friday!

Well, to make this as accurate as possible I have to start in the wee hours of Friday before I made it to bed but it was still 'technically' Friday... I was about to head off to bed and Monkey woke up coughing... He coughed some the night before and during the day yesterday but I didn't think much of it since we all had some kind of 'cold' symptom... Only this time it seemed like he couldn't breathe or that he was breathing but no air was going in... My husband and I finally had him able to breathe almost normally... Monkey and I dressed and headed to the ER fearing the next time it happened we wouldn't be able to help him... He also had a slight fever... I hunted around for his insurance card in case he needed a RX... They can do the rest based on what's on file and couldn't seem to find it any where... I last remembered having it when filling out papers for the dentist (18th)... So, it had been 'missing' for about a week... My oldest son's card was also 'missing'... I was sure they were in the same place it is just a matter of where... I hunted all over the house in all the places I could think they could have possibly been... I even checked in the van in the middle of the night while it was warming up before our trip to the ER... I gave up and planned on calling the insurance company in the afternoon for replacements to be sent... Fast Fwd... Back home at quarter to 4 AM... What a lovely way to spend the middle of the night... NOT! He has croup... They gave him a breathing treatment that had two medicines in it and two other medicines orally... I can't remember what they were with this lack of sleep... His temp was 100.8... He is to follow up with his primary at the beginning of next week... I give him some Tylenol and off to bed for the 2nd time... Fast Fwd... My oldest was up so at quarter to 8 AM... I dressed again and I drop him off... It's now a quarter to 9 AM (hunted for insurance cards some more)... Fast Fwd... I go to bed for a 3rd time having troubles sleeping worrying that Monkey may have stopped breathing... I lay down next to him to try to calm my nerves and eventually I fall asleep... Fast Fwd... Peanut wakes at quarter to 10 AM... She actually over slept because she was awaken several times last night and this morning... So, I was able to relax a bit... I let Monkey sleep until 11:30 AM because he hadn't slept well and was up most of the night at the ER... I called the dental office to see if I had left the cards there... I also called the insurance people and left a message for our agent to order more cards... I dress and feed the 3 of us before leaving to pick up my oldest... While cleaning out my wallet of reciepts to balance my ledger later I found the insurance cards... They were there the ENTIRE time... Amazing how hard it is to think when you are upset... So, I called back the dental office to let them know I found them and they didn't need to look any more... I also left a 2nd message for our insurance agent to cancel the need to order cards because they had been found... I kissed my husband good bye because he probably wouldn't be here when we returned... I head to pick up oldest at quarter to 1 PM for psychiatry appointment... That went well... He did a couple of written letter referrals to see if we can resolve the issues at my oldest while he is at his program... We hurried home for Peanut to have ST at 2 PM... I had forgotten my watch and had no clue what time it was... The part of town I drove through didn't have any of those handy 'light up' displays to let you know the time/temp... We arrived home at 1:30 PM... I helped my husband off to work and relaxed a bit before Peanut had ST... I wrapped some packages for the PO... Checked a ton of email and worked on my new eBay listings that will list next week... I also paid a bill and balance my ledger... It took a while to settle everyone down for nap but eventually we did all fall asleep... The evening was quiet... We watched Balto and had hot air popcorn... So, despite the heck start to the day it seemed to calm down quite quickly once the noon hour had passed...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tasty Thursday

I made homemade 100% from scratch Sloppy Joes... Here is the recipe for those who are interested in making it for their families...

Crockpot Sloppy Joes

2 pounds Hamburger
1 Onion, chopped
2 cloves Garlic, minced (I use my garlic press)
1 C. Ketchup
3 T. Worcestershire Sauce (I use our fav Steak Sauce)
3 T. Brown Sugar
2 T. Mustard (2 t. dry)
2 T. Cider Vinegar
1 1/2 t. Chili Powder
Other Seasoning (your choice)

In a skillet, brown ground beef with onion and garlic... Drain off excess fat... Combine ketchup, worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, mustard, vinegar, and chili powder (and other seasonings) in slow cooker... Stir in ground beef mixture... Cover and cook on Low setting for 8 to 10 hours/High setting for 4 to 6 hours... Serve spooned over buns... We like to add a slice of cheese to our 'sandwiches'... ENJOY!

We seemed to all be sharing something... My husband is still recovering from what he had... My oldest is losing his voice... Monkey has this scratchy congested cough... Peanut has a milder version of the cough... I have this nasal thing that comes and goes... Good news it is warming up here... So, hopefully these annoyances will be short lived... My oldest has his pre-op screening for his surgery in Feb... As long as he doesn't have any colds before he goes under he is all clear for surgery... They are going to preform an Orchidopexy or Orchiectomy depending on what they find... It was a pretty quiet and tiring day... We were all up and down in the middle of the night and didn't sleep well... Tirediness and stress made for unpleasant conversations during those waking moments... My husband and I watched Waitress tonight... He bought it for me for Christmas... It is a very good movie... I love the matching outfits at the end... Cool if Peanut and I had little outfits like that... ::smirk:: I'm going to lay down and rest... Hopefully this nasaly thing I have will go away soon... It is really making me tired...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wash and Work Wednesday

I continued with my many loads of laundry today... My husband went back to work after several days of illness... Other then cleaning it has been a pretty quiet day... I ran to the PO to mail a couple packages for my husband... I also stopped at the store for Milk, Cheese and Juice... It has been bitterly cold... We were under a Wind Chill Advisory from Midnight last night until noon today... Predicted Wind Chills of -30 to -40!!! Brrrrrrrrrrr.... When I picked up my oldest it was -4 with a windchill of -19... Low will be in the minus teens but tomorrow we are supposed to be warming up into the teens above zero and stay above zero at night as well but just the single digits above zero... We will be going into the 20s over the weekend and predicted to be ABOVE freezing on Monday!!! How exciting is that? I know the children are looking forward to playing outside... I'm off to rest... See you all tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Too Much Too Little Time Tuesday

I had some much to do today and not much time to do it... At least it felt that way... Things are better then they have been recently... I spent the day recovering from the upset on Tuesday... This required a call to the carpet cleaning man and 8 loads of laundry... I also made a trip to the UPS store to mail out our old vacuum which we sold on eBay... Watched Balto with the boys... I'm quite tired and plan on grabbing a bite to eat and heading off to bed...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Mad Monday

I'm too annoyed, irritated and just plan mad to write anything so I'm not...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sewing Saturday

I started on the next part of the Round Robin which is for me to add Round 1 to my friend's center featured in a previous blog publishing... I will share some photos as I finish it... Right now I have the designed the layout and picked out the fabric... I have all my pieces cut and labeled... It is another bitterly cold January day... I ran to the store for milk, juice, eggs, cheese, beans and cereal... My husband had to take the van because of fear his car won't start in the cold once he is finished with work so I'm here at home... Not that I would go anywhere in this cold... My friend's, Jen, new baby is being Baptized... I was going to take all the children alone and go... The day went down hill at nap time and now I'm trying to cope as best I can... Trying not to become too upset... I hate when things like this happen and my husband isn't here... I really need him right now!!! :*-( So, what I had planned to be a great day to sit down and do some sewing turned into a nightmare... ::sigh::

Friday, January 18, 2008

Full of Activity Friday

Today was a busy day... We took my oldest for pre-operative blood work and a retest of a test that came back funny for the psych... The psych test came down and is now in normal range... We saw the psych and did a medicine adjustment... My oldest has been having big problems at school with behavior... So, we will see if the changes help... I will have 3-1/2 days to watch and see I can see some positive changes... We will see the psych every week for the next couple weeks to monitor and make any more adjustments... We should see great improvement... The psych seems very optimistic that we will figure this out rather quickly and have everything sailing smoothly again... I had my glasses adjusted... They were all bent out of shape... So, now when I bend over to pick up a child or tie a shoe they won't go flying off my face... ::smirk:: I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up a new med for my oldest... We went up to the 'baby' floor but none were in the nursery... My oldest was disappointed... I dropped him off and headed to his program to inform them of the change... Pick up the medicine he won't be using any more and fill out the form for them to fax to the doctor so he can sign and fill out the necessary information so they can start administering it there when they are back in session... He has Monday off... My husband's friend, Adrian (father to 6) came by to check out our heat loss issues... They then sat and played a couple rounds of PS2... We headed out to the grocery... We are having a 'turkey' dinner tonight... We also stopped at the gas station and dollar store... We are under a Wind Chill Warning until Midnight Saturday (and may be extended again) which quote directly from the Weather Service means: THE COMBINATION OF VERY COLD AIR AND STRONG WINDS WILL CREATE DANGEROUSLY LOW WIND CHILL VALUES. THIS WILL RESULT IN FROST BITE AND LEAD TO HYPOTHERMIA OR DEATH IF PRECAUTIONS ARE NOT TAKEN. Now doesn't that sound like buckets of FUN!!! Not... I also dropped off the paper at my children's new dentist... They are such an improvement... I only wished we had switched sooner before all these unpleasant visits that had left me and my children in tears... I felt pretty good today despite the frigged temps... Hopefully it is the beginning of a new trend of HEALTHY and FEELING GOOD!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Round Robin Project - Quilting

I just started a new and exciting quilt project with my good friend, Ruth in Indiana... We met online VIA a Carol Doak Yahoo Paper Piecing Group... It will be one year in March... I signed up as a 'little' sister hoping someone would adopt me and help me along as I learned all the wonderful things about Carol Doak's Paper Piecing Patterns for Quilt Tops... Ruth was in the 'big' sister group and emailed me asking if she could 'adopt' me... I said that sounded like great fun... We have shared many emails over the months and grown close... She is an experienced quilter, seamstress and cake decorator... She's also quite the traveler... Many things I enjoy and hope to enjoy in life... Her children are grown and she has been blessed with one grandchild so far... I don't participate in many of the group activities because of my lack of experience and unpredictable life with raising a growing family with many young children... I never know if I will make a deadline or not so I hesitate to sign up for things with deadlines... So, we came together and decided to do a fun quilting project just between the two of us... Ideally you have a group of 5-7 women for a project like this... We are doing a project called a Round Robin... This is how it works... Each of the members of the group makes a center block... You then pass your block to another member who adds a 'round' or border to your center block... Your block circulates through the group and comes back to you to finish... So, when you are done you have a fabulous quilt worked on by many friends... You can set up many rules as to what color or patterns you wish for your quilt or you can leave it up to the 'imagination' of the next quilter to add on a 'round'... I have never made such a quilt and thought about doing one on my own... Ruth and I came together and decided we would pass our quilts back in forth and do a modified version...
Here is Ruth's Center on which I have to add the first round:
Here is my center on which she has to add the 1st round:
Next we will mail them back to the owner who will add the 2nd round and mail it back to the other member for a 3rd round.. Etc... We will continue back in forth till it reaches the 'desired' size... At that point we will sandwich, quilt and bind it... We are using quilt blocks from Carol Doak's all new book Mariner's Compass Stars... I hope you enjoy seeing the photos as each round is completed... Check back often for updates... If you like to learn more about Paper Piecing visit: Carol Doak - Quilting Books, CD-ROMS, Patterns and more! To join the Yahoo Group dedicated to Carol's Patterns visit: CarolDoakQuiltingGroup : Carol Doak Quilting Group

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why Wednesday?

Today I asked myself WHY!!!! alot... I'm very stressed right now and was sick yet again today... I'm so tired of getting sick... No one should feel great 1-2 days... Be sick... Feel so so to awful for 3-4 days... Feel great 1-2 more days then get sick again... I can't seem to pin point something I'm eating because I'm eating what DH is and it's not making him get sick... I just don't know what to do any more... I just sit here and cry...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Soup and Friends

I had a long and busy day... I'm saving a space to fill in later... I'm headed for bed... Night...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Super Saturday

The day didn't start out so well... The house was messy and I was trying to clean up and children were misbehaving and I burned some of the bacon... That upset me terribly coupled with hormones... I went to the PO to mail some packages for my husband and being away helped me re-group and calm down... My husband wanted to take PICS for eBay and the camera batteries were dead... It is the type that you have recharge a 'special' battery not just throw them out and put new ones in... So, we argued about that for a bit while it charged... We decide we had wasted enough time waiting for it and decided to head for an errand or two and then check on it... We talked about how next time we should check the night before since we knew were going to need it today... It was pointless to be upset by the fact it wasn't ready... Just frustrated us both... So, we stopped at the health food store and the $1 store downtown and came back... We took some awesome PICS for the auctions my husband listed today... We headed out the library and then to Walmart... I picked up a few more things with 'Christmas' money... I still have a tiny bit left which will probably be mostly spent tomorrow... We stopped at the grocery and I picked up things for vegetable stew... Baby also wanted some more mixed fresh fruit and potato salad so I picked those up too... My husband picked out the things we needed to finish our dinner... We bought liquid smoke to use on our new Indoor Grill that we received for Christmas... We have never bought or use it before... Online article said it is near the BBCue sauce in the grocery store (and it was)... They said it would cost $2-5 depending on brand and size... There was only one size and two flavors (hickory and mesquite) and it cost $0.76! ::smirk:: We 'grilled' some chicken... We also make philly-style cheese steaks, fries, onion rings, mini egg rolls (only 2 left in the box), and my husband likes fried periogies... So, he made a few of those... Everything was delicious! We have a bit of leftovers for a snack... Tomorrow we are making a big Italian dinner to have during the week... My husband took care of the children so I could have a 4 HOUR nap... I'm feeling pretty good... I didn't sleep well last week because of all the appointments (nightmares of me missing them) and since I was sooo sick too... I'm ready to start the week refreshed...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Fun Filled Friday

Today I had a mostly good feeling day... I had some fun too... I started working on my new quilting project... I also went shopping for my little sweet baby boy... I picked him up several outfits... I probably overspent but I couldn't resist... LOL!!! Everything was soo adorable... I'm good unless he comes out 12+ lbs... ::grin:: I still have some coupons for free clothing/diapers that I need to use... I will do that some time next week probably... Peanut had ST today and she has started saying Mama again... She said it for a while and then I became Da Dee... Otherwise, it was a pretty quiet and uneventful day... I had planned on making a pot of soup but never made it to the store for the few things I needed like an onion and cabbage...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

20 weeks!!!

Now I'm 1/2 way to meeting my newest little guy... I'm feeling some what better, but still not well... I will write more later...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Going Down Hill...

I will start with the good then go into the bad and ugly... ::sigh:: The most exciting thing is yesterday we found out baby is a BOY (will share PICS later)... We are very excited and can't wait to meet our newest little guy... Now to think of a clever saying for the online announcement... If baby was a girl it would have been "#4 to even the score." As in we would have 2 of each... Hmmm... I welcome any suggestions... Now for the Bad and ugly... I wasn't feeling so well Monday night but didn't think much about it... Well, starting at 6 something I woke up and went ut oh and ran to the bathroom (which in our house is down stairs and at the back of the house)... I was wow what was that... Didn't think much of it till about an hour later when I went running again... I dropped off my oldest and was sick yet again... I told my DH I don't think I'm going to make to the US and he said well lets try and if we have to will come home... I was sick one more time before we left... I figured that gave me an hour to have my US and be back home again to get sick again... I started feeling surprisingly better when I layed down and we started looking at our little guy... She confirmed my feelings that #4 was a boy and finished the rest of her measurements... So, I shook off my ills as probably being just nerves... I still didn't feel too well when I came home and feel asleep on the couch... My husband took the little ones and went out to run errands... About 2 hours of napping I was sick yet again... Now I had the runs... I was thinking why me and not again! I laid back down and woke up again when my husband left to pick up my oldest... At that point I was sick again and it was too awful to tell you... I had to make a bath afterwards... At that point I said this has got to stop... I need some help! I washed up and tried to calm myself... Our respite worker arrived and while my husband washed my laundry I headed to the ER... I was there for a similiar illness on Dec 5th... They gave me one IV this time since I was only mildly dehydrated and some meds for ickies... So, after a 2-1/2 hour visit I stopped at the pharmacy to fill a Rx for ickies and to the Cafeteria for a grilled chicken sandwich... My husband and respite worker worked on the tree... She also helped my oldest clean up his room... I finished helping my husband with the tree... I ate only 1/2 my sandwich and drank some gatorade... I then fell asleep for a bit... I woke up and helped my husband make dinner (gave instructions while he made it)... I took another bath and went to bed for the night... I haven't been sick today... I feel just awful though... I'm going to go lay down a bit and hope I feel better soon... ::sigh:: I have more to write but just too sick to do it right now...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Let the week begin...

Today wasn't too bad... We were able to sleep in a tiny bit after dropping off our oldest... I took Monkey to the dentist... We then had the oil changed on our new van... That took awhile... The windsheild wiper hose was cracked... They replaced that for free but the pump is going bad... So, it does clean better then it did with the crack... I will have to see about an estimate and what is exactly wrong with the that system... The rest of the day was pretty quiet... I picked up my oldest and he had ST... He had a couple moments but worked hard... I talked with my friend Jen (mom to 6)on the phone... We are going meet later this week... She is helping me with something... It is so wonderful to have friends who can call when you are in need... I did a bit of sewing over the weekend... That was nice... I need to cut some fabric to start a new project... I will share more about that later with information and a photo...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tagged! I'm it!

I was tagged by Carrie at Quite The Normal Life with this Getting To Know Me.

Here goes:
My Dad's Parents Mothers (great grandma's on my dad's side)...
Not sure... It's been a while... How unusual...
It's ok...
Sandwich Pepperoni
Butter Pecan...
How they are dressed or lack of clothing... :-X I like people to be well covered!
I tend to be irrational... LOL!!!
My maternal grandfather... He passed away in May 98 before my HS Graduation... We shared many interest and were very close...
I'm not wearing pants or shoes...
Chicken Fingers w/ BBCUE sauce and cut up Strawberries and Pineapple...
Diego DVD (Dora's Cousin)
I have no idea... I'd have to be multi-colored... Not sure if they make ones like that...
Christmas Trees, Lilacs, Fire Places and New Babies...
My Mother...
Don't know...
Dark brown...
Yes, I can but don't...
Too many to name... I love to eat!
Happy Endings...
Take The Lead at home... I have no clue in the theater... I don't even remember the last time I was in a theater...
I'm not wearing a shirt...
Both... I live Winter for the cold temps and snow... I love Summer because I can garden...
Stash Envy by Lisa Boyer (quilting humor)
It's a cheapy from Target... It's plain gray...
Misc. Children's DVDs... Cinderella, AristoCats, Diego, Dora, Thomas, and Sleeping Beauty...
Train Whistles, Church Bells, and My children saying I love you!
North Dakota...
Newport News, VA

I will tag Renee and Janette...

11th Day of Christmas

They days of Christmas seem to have just flown by! It is a quiet day here... Our respite staff that would normally work this day will no longer be working on this day so things planned for today aren't going to happen... So, it will just be a quiet day at home... It is quite warm here... Above freezing!?!?! So, strange for January... This is usually our COLDEST month of the year with the HIGHEST heating bill... I've been comtemplating doing some sewing or at least fixing the sewing area so sewing could happen if I had the energy to do so... I guess that's about all for today...

Friday, January 4, 2008

10th Day Of Christmas

I was up early and dropped my oldest off... I called the barber and she wasn't in yet... So, I ate some breakfast... I forgot to call the barber yesterday and Monkey seriously needs a hair cut... So, at 9 I called and she said well do you want morning or afternoon... I said how about morning and she said 9:30? I said that sounded great... We are only 3 blocks from the barber shop so I had plenty of time... I woke up the little ones... They had breakfast and off to the barber we went... Boy, did he need a hair cut! I knew he needed one but he needed needed one! He looks fabulous now... Next we went off to CCM... We talked today about improving our spiritual lives and the annual Baby Shower... We have it for all those who had a baby in the last year so I will be in on the next one because mine will be born after the shower... We headed home for lunch... Peanut had ST... We headed out to run errands... I picked up my oldest Rx and met my husband at the used book place... I found one book and headed home to pick up my oldest... We made a quick stop at the bank and headed downtown to drop off some paperwork... We relaxed at home and took a nap... My husband and Monkey were out running errands... Woke up from nap and ordered some Pizza... We usually order out on PayDay but it was New Year's Eve so we didn't... I headed out to the store.. We were out of milk again... LOL... I wish our fridge held more then 4 gallons... The baby said buy some pineapple and strawberries so I will be snacking on those tomorrow... He also wanted another White Tea with White Peach Extract... It was delicious!!! It is a brand called Inko's... At my store they only have the White Peach and Cherry Vanilla flavors I think...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

9th Day of Christmas!

Today was a busy day... I was up early... Dropped my oldest off... Came home and readied the little ones and out the door we went... I'm 19 weeks today... Every thing is going great... The children enjoyed listening to the heartbeat... He was much easier to find today since he has grown quite a bit since my last visit... I go back at 24 weeks and have the delicious Glucose test then... Yummy Yum... NOT!!! LOL... I stopped at the PO drop box to mail bills... Next was a stop at the bank to deposit some money... I was off to State Farm to pay the Car Insurance... I made it home in time to drop the littles one off wake up my husband early and out the door to the dentist... Everything is looking good... I go back in April... I will have one more check up/cleaning before baby is born... My oldest was very disruptive in ST today... He did finally calm down but very little was accomplished... I found the appointments don't end when I thought... I was just given a paper today and it had 3 more appointments I didn't realize were so soon... So, I have a grand total of 3 dental, 2 Ultrasounds, 5 doctor appointments on 7 different days... 1 Dental and 1 Doctor's appointment down... 8 more to go on 6 different days! Let the fun begin!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

8th Day Of Christmas

I have been so busy it is crazy... It is only going to be busier! Our family has 3 dental appointments, 2 Ultrasounds, 2 doctors appointments and 1 medicine refill in the next 8 days... Of course none of these will happen on Saturday or Sunday... So, 8 appointments in 6 days! That doesn't include the usual ST four times a week and OT once a week... Not to mention paying bills, first the month paperwork, schooling, 1st Friday group and every Wednesday Mommy Group... I have to squeeze food shopping in there for minus items... Just makes my head spin! Today it was back into the swing of things with schooling and therapy starting up again after taking a break for Advent... I also paid one bill in town... Otherwise I stayed home today... I know what the coming days have in store for me so I'm not going any where unless I have to except when my husband has off in a few days... I will be running around doing non-appointment things that day... I froze 3 quarts of chili today... We will be eating that on Super Bowl Sunday... When ever that is... LOL!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

5th/6th/7th Days Of Christmas

Completely blanked about the blog yesterday... So, I have 3 days to recap... I will do that a bit later...