"If you have too much to do, with God's help you will find time to do it all." St. Peter Canisius

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fatigue Friday

Let's say the burning the candle at both ends caught up with me this morning... It manifested itself in the dropping a glass bowl of 2 lbs of hot taco meat... It shattered instantly when it hit the floor... I cleaned up the mess... I went to the store and bought more hamburger... I finished my Taco Casserole... I had planned to go out and do a few things but decided to take it easy most of the day until later in the afternoon when I put a check in the bank, installed the license plates on the van with registration stickers then return the dealerships generic plates to them... I also payed a couple bills... I mostly tried to rest and regroup...

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Strawberry Trinkets and other afflicted Love stories said...

Good job on sticking through it. I would have freaked out, hope you gave yourself a pat on the back :)